Another Milestone for Brady

For an entire generation, Tom Brady made his name by being a scourge on 31 NFL teams. As the face of the New England Patriots, Brady left no team unscathed.

Playing for one team for so long enabled the future Hall of Fame QB to stand tall over the rest of the league.

Sunday, October 3rd, Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Tom Brady walked back onto the field that cast him into the NFL history books to a raucous crowd. That would change as The Buccaneers’ offense took the field. Cheers and applause were replaced with boos. Clearly affected by the crowd that was so frequently behind him for 2 decades, Brady struggled with both the nerves of the occasion and the awful New England weather.

Despite all the problems, emotions, weather, crowd influence, consistently terrible officiating, Brady now stands atop the NFL.

In a game full of storylines and drama, Tom Brady achieved another milestone, aside from the NFL passing record, and now stands with only 3 other NFL QBs to beat all 32 NFL teams.

Joining Bret Favre, Drew Brees, and Payton Manning, Tom Brady once again sits among exalted company.

Written by James “BritBuc” Wilson of Bucs Life