Stop me if you heard this one; the Jaguars have to face an angry Derrick Henry. Considering that the team is 0-4, and dealing with outside noise unrelated to the players, now is the worst time to face the arch-nemesis of the Tennessee Titans. The AFC South division leaders areContinue Reading

Everyone expected a high amount of potential from the NFC West. Arguably the toughest conference in football today, the room for error in this division is null and slim. Often overlooked for almost a decade, the Arizona Cardinals were considered a doormat in the NFC West. In this division; alone,Continue Reading

The Atlanta Falcons are the walking-living Michael Jordan meme of today’s generation. Since a crushing 28-3 debacle in the Super Bowl, the franchise hasn’t been the same. An under .500 monstrosity that has not found its bearings since blowing the biggest lead in the Super Bowl history. But the issueContinue Reading

Regardless of how one feels about Dakota Prescott, you can’t deny his charisma or his aura to be a lightning rod. Whether it’s his detractors or his die-hard fans, Prescott has a knack for drawing in people’s attention. Maybe it’s because he’s the face of what’s supposed to be “America’sContinue Reading

America’s favorite pastime has returned to distract us from the financial and political burdens that flood our televisions and phones. As a Floridian, we are blessed to have options in how we spend our leisure. Some might look to the Super Bowl Champions to try to catch a last-minute tripContinue Reading

The Preseason is upon us. The season, is upon us. If the country ever needed a distraction that’s welcomed from every corner; it’s the entertainment that only the NFL can provide.While the Olympics this year failed in bringing the world together for some sense of comradery, all rivals of theContinue Reading


Nearly two decades have passed since the last time the Cleveland Browns were actually relevant. The loyalty is not to be questioned, Cleveland Browns fans have long suffered multiple losing seasons, unhappy players departing to other teams, and a disarray of a quarterback Carousel that spiraled into a laughing stockContinue Reading

1.JAGS- LAWERENCE-QB Duh! 2. JETS- WILSON QB. A cheap man’s Aaron Rodgers with a good arm. Could be a boom or bust for the Jets franchise. 3 S.F – PITTS -TE/WR. This is what nightmares are made of. Imagine a linebacking core having to cover George Kittle and Kyle PittsContinue Reading

The Orlando Magic are riding a 3 game winning streak after defeating the Detroit Pistons Sunday night in the Amway Arena 96-105. Nikola Vucevic had a game high 37 points and 12 rebounds in a dominant performance. Evan Fournier, back and finally healthy, chipped in with 29 points and 7Continue Reading

Counted out before the Super Bowl even started, Floridians were given a treat as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dismantled the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. Tampa Bay was better in all three phases of the game. The Buccaneers made Super Bowl history by being the first team to ever hostContinue Reading