Breaking New Ground

I’m going to get the obvious out of the way first. Congratulations to Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady for reaching 600 passing TDs. Standing alone by some far distance at that milestone, the closest active QB is Aaron Rodgers at 471; it’s a real possibility that his final record is never broken.

Brady wasn’t the only one creating records. For the first time in franchise history, the Buccaneers are 6-1, with only a bad game against the Rams to smear that record. During the game: former Cowboy Tony Romo summed this team-up, “last year they won a Super Bowl, this year they’re even better.”

With a wounded defense, rookie Justin Fields turned the ball over 5 times as the defensive unit was ruthless. Restricting the Bears to just 3 points should help a lot of fans sleep a little easier. With SMB, CD3, and new acquisition Richard Sherman to return, the backups are getting important game time and experience for the playoff run.

The offense was without Gronkowski and Antonio Brown, not that anyone would notice. Brady has an abundance of weapons, and with the development of the running game, this unit is becoming almost callus in its efficiency.

Week 8 sees Tampa Bay look to extend that record as they travel into New Orleans to meet a familiar face. The Saints are coming off the shorter week with their week 7 tie against Seattle, and you better believe that they’re scared. Tampa will look to march into NOLA and make a statement before going into the bye. There’s a new sheriff in town, and a win in the Saints barn would be the exclamation on that point.

I’m going to wrap this by repeating a hot take I made in the preseason. Despite how unbelievable it seemed, I stated that the Kansas City Chiefs would not make the playoffs. As the season nears halfway, I’m doubling down on this.

Written by James “BritBuc” Wilson