Byron Kennedy Receives Compensation for Giving Back Tom Brady’s 600th Touchdown Ball

After Tom Brady threw his 600th touchdown pass to Mike Evans, Evans gave the ball to a fan in the stand. That fan happened to Byron Kennedy of St. Petersburg. A Buccaneer team official went up to Kennedy and asked for the football back as it was a piece of history for Brady. Kennedy gave the football back and was promised something in return. The football was priced above $500,000, and Kennedy could’ve kept it, but he didn’t. According to Darren Rowell, in return for giving the football back; Kennedy is receiving two signed Tom Brady jerseys and a helmet, a Mike Evans signed jersey and game cleats, $1000 in store credit to the team store, and two season tickets for the rest of the 2021 season and the entire 2022 season. *Additionally, it is being reported that Tom Brady has given Kennedy a bitcoin. The current value of the virtual coin is $62,999. All in all, not a bad return for that piece of history as Brady is the only player in NFL history with 600 touchdowns. Kennedy said on NFL Network that he would love to play a round of golf with Tom Brady, and he’d be okay with that as well. At the end of the day, Tom Brady continues to shatter records, and he’s not even close to being done. Written by Cory Hays