Devin White on Playing With Richard Sherman

The Buccaneers defense is very banged up with injuries, and the trend continued last night. During the game, Buccaneers CB Carlton Davis III injured his quad on a punt return when the team was lined up in a safe punt formation. Due to injuries, the team signed Richard Sherman last Wednesday, and he was thrown right into the fire playing 58 of a possible 59 snaps in last night’s game. Below is what LB Devin White had to say about playing with Sherman.

“It’s easy for him because he is an 11-year veteran. He is a very intelligent person, so that makes football very easy for him. When you have got a guy like Coach Bowles, he’s going to break it down, and you know he is going to help you out, and then you have us communicating. We were still out there letting him know, ‘in this coverage, you have this, play this.’ You tell him what to do, and he will do it, so that’s what made it easier. I felt he was getting back into it with no training camp, none of that, and I am proud of him for the game tonight. He had a fumble recovery, and I think he led the team in tackles. I think he came out strong and will continue to get better.”

Last night, Sherman was tied for the team lead in tackles with seven. He was all over the field. Mac Jones kept targeting him, and it resulted mainly in completions, but Sherman was just getting his feet wet. With more practice and his knowledge, we will see him continue to get better under Todd Bowles’ scheme and be the same player he once was.

Written by Cory Hays of Bucs Life