The Atlanta Falcons are the walking-living Michael Jordan meme of today’s generation. Since a crushing 28-3 debacle in the Super Bowl, the franchise hasn’t been the same. An under .500 monstrosity that has not found its bearings since blowing the biggest lead in the Super Bowl history. But the issue gets deeper than that.

Matt Ryan has a Tom Brady problem. Since his days at Boston College, he was constantly being compared to the man who’s winning Super Bowls, restoring Boston pride. Brady took all of the limelight while he was in college. When Matt Ryan entered the NFL, it was to replace the bad taste that Michael Vick had left in the franchise’s mouth after being arrested for dogfighting. But the fight is out of this particular dog; Matt Ryan is 0-8 versus Tom Brady.

So fast forward to today, where a Down and Out Atlanta Falcons squad will come face to face with the defending Super Bowl champions. The dirty birds, I resembled more of scared pigeons as of late. Finishing 4 and 12 and losing games with the greatest of ease by onside kicks, scoring touchdowns, and missing kicks from field goal kickers who were perfect on the season. The Falcons scene is like grounded birds on the football field. The offense production is slowly diminished week by week since 2019. To make matters worse, their primary threat in Julio Jones, the franchise leader in reception yards, has now moved on to greener pastures in Tennessee.

If one were to look at the rosters, up and down to see where mismatches could be utilized for the Atlanta Falcons, there wouldn’t be many places to turn to. Matt Ryan will be a Hall of Fame quarterback, but his resume can’t stack up against The GOAT. The offensive line is shaky at best, with some controversy coming less than 2 years ago from comments in regards to racial disparity along the right side. Alex Mack is no longer in red and black, and Matt Ryan has been seeing Black and Blue since. Todd Gurley was a rental, as the running game has now adapted to a committee. Mike Davis, a journeyman running back, is getting a chance to shine. Cordarrelle Patterson, a gifted athlete, is his spell at the position.

The one advantage that Atlanta does have on the field would be the unicorn that was drafted out of the University of Florida, Kyle Pitts. The wide receiver stuck in a tight end’s body is a phenom in the making. His speed and catch radius could give issues to the linebackers and secondary of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Expect the linebacking core of Tampa to be physical with Mr. Pitts. The secondary of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a major loss by losing Sean Murphy-Bunting for an extended period of time.

Tom Brady doesn’t have much to prove if anything. However, there are some attainable goals that he can still reach within the 2021 season. Drew breezes yards record is within his grasp and should be available to be overtaken after week four. One of the very few teams that he has not defeated, will also take place in week 4. The irony is that Brady is undefeated against Atlanta, and after the shootout that was provided by Mr. Prescott and a hampered Dallas squad, look for Brady to shoot out any hopes of obtaining a W in Raymond James Stadium. Whispers of an undefeated season can only start after building the foundation. Week two is a measuring stick of how far the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are willing to go to make their dreams a reality. From critics who considered the Buccaneers Super Bowl victory a fluke because of injuries to their opposition to fans of opposing NFC South teams who lack the courage to give the franchise with the lowest winning percentage its proper validation, Tampa is taking aim on any and everyone who doubts this team’s purpose.

Look for the defense to make a statement against the Atlanta Falcons. The linebacking corps will be able to manipulate setups to cause sex, and fumbles to the offensive side of the Falcons arsenal. Also, Vita Vea will be a force to reckon with on the defensive side, considering that he has been a disruptor as a nose tackle. Vea, who missed most of the 2020 season due to a leg injury, was a vital piece, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers obtaining the Super Bowl championship from the Kansas City Chiefs. His run-stopping ability and pass rush is second to none other than Aaron Donald. Look for the Gravediggers to get back on track after being lit up for 403 yards more than 10 days ago.

Last but not least, the Atlanta Falcons secondary should be ducking the wide receiving corps of the Tampa Bay buccaneers. Mike Evans had a relatively quiet game against the Dallas Cowboys. So one should assume that he will be an end zone threat if the opportunity arises. Chris Godwin is looking to re-establish himself after having a very good game that was marred by a fumble. Last but not least, the Falcons secondary, especially AJ Terrell, should be ducking Antonio Brown. The future Hall of Famer looks poised to have an All-Pro season as the #3 wideout in Tampa.

They say when you’re chasing history, you have to give it your best shot. Tom Brady has become a fan of trolling, as of late, mentioning that there were birds in the area that he didn’t know whether to make pets or shoot down. To the Tampa Bay faithful, the Atlanta Falcons are nothing more than a form of a hunting season in week two. The Atlanta Falcons cannot duck the new and improved Tampa Bay buccaneers. Matt Ryan has yet to find a way to defeat Tom Brady. To the Atlanta falcons, this may seem like another game against the division rival, who has caught up to them in divisional history (29-27). However, as far as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are concerned, it’s hunting season. If one is in attendance, make sure to get your wings and drinks early; Raymond James will be serving bird this afternoon for your entertainment.