Extremely Inconsistent NFL Officials

Once again, during the 2021-2022 NFL season, the inconsistency of the penalty calls coming from the NFL officials is a major story, a massive problem, and has been proving to be vital for the outcome of several games, so far this season.

One of the most egregious examples of this came in the Buccaneers vs Saints game on Sunday, October 31st. There were two absolutely absurd roughing the passer calls that went against the Bucs on back-to-back plays, but there was nothing wrong with the physicality of either tackle. It seems like the NFL officials do not truly know what the definition of roughing the passer is. It is very evident that the referees interjected themselves into that game, and their poor performances ended up changing the result of the game.

It is time to hold the NFL referees accountable for their mistakes. If I were in charge of the referees, here’s how I would go about doing so. Number one, if their multiple bad calls and poor performances end up changing the result of a game, I would go over the game tape and fine them each time their performance affects the outcome of a game. Number two, if it happens again, I’d suspend them for half of a season. If it happened a third time, I’d suspend them for an entire season. If it happened a fourth time, I’d fire them. If their performance is positive, a raise and the chance to be an official in the postseason would be the rewards.

The referees need to be more lenient. Let the players play, and the result on the field play out for itself. The game is now geared towards helping the offense as much as possible and making it very difficult for defensive players to play the game legally.

Written By Jordan Butler