I’m Always Ready When My Number’s Called

Ronald Jones was benched during the Buccaneers season kickoff game against the Cowboys on Thursday night for losing the football. Jones wasn’t really off to a big start, carrying the football 4 times for 14 yards before the fumble. Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said to media that Jones was running well but seem to struggle mentally.

“‘Ro’ was running really, really well until the fumble, and then he struggled mentally to get over it,” Arians said. “That was too big of a game and go out there and not be focused, so ‘Lenny’ got the rest of the way.”

It sure looks like Ronald Jones did not appreciate Bruce Arians’ remark about his mental state during that game. “Just call me”, concerns me that ROJO may just be having enough of Bruce Arians. His contract ends at the end of this season, making him UFA in 2022. One has to wonder if Jones is going to re-sign with the Buccaneers. In my opinion,  he will likely dip his feet into the free agency pool. However, another Championship could soothe the wounded ROJO’s soul.

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