Mike Evans may be recruiting Kyler Murray.

Since Tom Brady retired, Bucs Nation has been chomping at the bit to make sense of what’s next & who Brady’s successor will be. Rumors have circulated online through social media for just about every possible free agent & trade scenario you can imagine. Names like Aaron Rodgers, Jameis Winston, Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz, Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater & even Joe Flacco have been named as possible targets, but none with any real credibility or verified sources. This is simply what fans do when the QB they love & adore finally moves on & understandably so.

As crazy as it may be, that all changed in the wake of the 2022 Pro Bowl. When an unlikely & otherwise never even thought about QB candidate emerged, with a pretty juicy & verifiable “paper trail” to solidify the speculation.

Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray.

Kyler Murray is one of the NFL’s most promising young QB’s. The 24-year old stud is a dynamic dual threat QB & the winner of the 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year award. The young gun slinger began the 2021 by winning 7 in a row. Through week 13 the Cardinals sat atop the NFC West & were the #1 seed with the best record in the NFL @ 10 – 2. NFL, PFF & basically everyone else had them @ #1 in power rankings & penciled in as a Super Bowl favorite.

In week 13, that all changed. The Arizona Cardinals hit a wall & ended up losing the next 5 – 6 games & finished with an 11 – 7 record. Whether mounting pressure became too much for the young QB to sustain, or something else behind the scenes was at hand, we’ll never know. All we know is the early season momentum was gone. The seemingly unstoppable #1 seed Cardinals, had tumbled down the standings to a #5 seed, barley making the playoffs before being demolished by division rival Los Angeles Rams 34 – 11.

In the 3 years Murray has started in Arizona, his regular season stats are through the roof, but that success for one reason or another hasn’t translated to the post season.

This lead to even the NFL broadcast team speculating while live on air, whether or not Murray’s heart was in Arizona & questions on whether or not it was in the NFL @ all.

Murray was the 1st player to ever be drafted #1 overall by 2 different sports leagues. The Arizona Cardinals & the Oakland Athletics. Obviously Murray chose the NFL, but following his meltdown in the second half of the 2021 season & dismal performance in the playoffs vs the Rams, speculation that Murray may quit the NFL altogether arose. After all, baseball is guaranteed money & Murray could easily walk on the Oakland Athletics who hold his rights & become the new face of the MLB.

Taking everything into consideration, it appears atleast on a superficial level like the relationship between QB Kyler Murray & the Arizona Cardinals may be in trouble. The almost too perfect of a segway became the basis upon the speculation which ensued.

The rumors began when fans noticed Murray had erased everything pertaining to the Cardinals from his social media bios. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand when this happens, trade rumors begin. Alone it may be nothing, who knows what’s happening behind the scenes in Arizona. But coupled together with a Kyler Murray & Mike Evans Pro Bowl “bromance” brewing, now you may have something.

After the Pro Bowl, Buccaneers star receiver Mike Evans took to social media to praise Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray after the duo connected for a TD pass.

Watch 19 yard Murray to Evans Pro Bowl video below.


“Always wanted to catch a pass from the Texas legend @k1,” Evans said tagging Murray in the IG post.

Murray later reposted Evans’ comments on his own IG, which typically wouldn’t mean much. But as mentioned earlier, Murray’s social media pages has been scrubbed of anything pertaining to the Arizona Cardinals. The only posts left are 1 of Murray winning the Heisman @ Oklahoma & another of Cedee Lamb from the Pro Bowl, leading many to believe Murray isn’t happy in Arizona.

Is it a bit of a stretch? Sure. Wishful thinking? Absolutely. But that doesn’t make it out of the realm of possibility. Remember no one EVER thought Brady would become a Buccaneer, up until the very minute he was.

After all, it wouldn’t be the 1st time a QB & WR on 2 separate teams met @ a Pro Bowl, hit it off & developed a rapport that eventually lead them to join forces on the the same team. If you recall Derek Carr & Antonio Brown first met eachother @ the 2018 Pro Bowl & immediately hit it off. The rapport they built together that day, wound up being the catalyst that ultimately brought Antonio Brown to the Las Vegas Raiders. Tom Brady also first met Antonio Brown @ the Pro Bowl, & that rapport wound up being how AB ended up in New England & ultimately in Tampa Bay.

Those 2 examples may of ended in an epic meltdown, but that doesn’t take away from the validity of the argument here. The facts are the Pro Bowl is where many relationships begin, from players, to coaching & staff, or any variation in between, it’s happened before & it very well could happen again.

Will it happen here though?

Stay tuned…

Eric White

NSPN – Champa Bay TV