Rob Gronkowski will retire when Tom Brady does

Written By J.D. Stenger of Bucs Life

At least that is the belief of Chris Gronkowski, the brother of Buccaneers’ tight end Rob Gronkowski, who recently spoke with TMZ in an interview. and believes that his star veteran tight end brother will call it quits when Tom Brady finally decides to hang it up.z

“Whatever Tom has left, I think that’s what Rob has left as well,” Chris Gronkowski said to TMZ. “I just can’t see him playing with another quarterback. It’s tough to get that chemistry. It’s tough to win once you lose that QB.” 

The surefire eventual Hall of Famer has played his entire career with Tom Brady during his 9 seasons playing with the New England Patriots and is now on his second season with pal quarterback in Tampa Bay, following his premature retirement. Brady and Gronk are second on the list of most touchdowns between a quarterback and another player(100). Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison are first on the list with 114 touchdowns. Brady is under contract through the 2022 season, so it surely stands to reason Gronk will be in Tampa for at least that much longer.

Brady himself has given no timetable for his retirement. He has said that as long as he is not a liability to his team and can still take a team to the Super Bowl, he will continue to play. So he and Gronk’s time in Tampa could go beyond 2022. It seems like a long shot that beyond 2022 would happen. Yet, it wouldn’t be the first time Brady has been underestimated. Only time will tell. Go Bucs!!

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