Buccaneers LB Joe Jones got a ‘crapton’ of notifications after pick-6

Joe Jones. You know. THAT Joe Jones. OK, maybe you didn’t know. But you do now.

Very few Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans knew the name Joe Jones before the Buccaneers-Bengals matchup last night, but that’s changed after his late-game interception for a touchdown.

“Honestly, he just threw it right to me,” Jones said of his first-ever NFL interception in his first-ever post-game press conference.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians begs to differ. “[Bengals QB Kyle Shurmur] didn’t just throw it behind the receiver, he threw it behind Joe,” Arians told reporters on Sunday. “It was a good catch.”

The broadcast team was interviewing offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs when the whole thing went down. Not only did the crowd go wild, but so did Jones’ family and friends, who blew up his cell. “I’ve got a crapton of notifications on my phone… It’s mad. I’m so pumped.”

Jones, a former special teams standout with the Denver Broncos, reunited with former teammate Shaq Barrett when the Bucs signed him to a one-year deal in May. Barrett, a one-time undrafted free agent, signed with the Bucs in 2019 after four seasons in Denver.

“I’m excited to be here, Jones said of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “Glad I got to come out here – do my thing on special teams and come out here a make a big play on defense. I’m hoping to make a name for myself here.”

It won’t be easy for Joe Jones to make a lasting name for himself in Tampa Bay — the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers defense is rife with outside linebacker depth. But he certainly made the right people take notice.

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