The Elephant in the room|New Normal For Sports?

Sad to say we are getting used to this “New Normal” in sports. Seemingly every day we hear sports media coverage on Covid protocol.

The NFL limped thru their season with weekly issues. Same for the NBA.

Of course the NHL has had to withstand cases of the virus.

One is left to ask… are “bubbles” the answer?

Nothing is 100% effective so, issues had to be expected.

I always heard about going to “hell in a hand basket”… we have now been there, done that.

The Ivy League is under fire for cancelling their spring seasons. Lacrosse players have, en masse, entered what is called “the transfer portal.”

Student athletes, transferring to other institutions to utilize the extra year that schools and the NCAA have granted.

Thus far, that has seemed to work out for all parties… or, not.

The hope for some leagues is pushing off the start of their season until end of fall.

But, how do we know? The shutdowns and sanctions were only supposed to be 14 days…

What is the future of spectator sports? The cardboard cutouts while humorous at first, seem to trivialize the conditions.

Insurance can be a fickle thing… can the lost time and revenue be written off?

To me, a Pandora’s box… Uncharted waters so the jury may still be out as to what losses, if any, will be covered?

Is the pandemic a man made issue? Can it be ruled as “an act of god?”

Either way, as a layman, I would think the losses are and will not be covered.

Major League Baseball seems to be all balls in as doing a full season… the NFL pulled it off albeit with a few issues.

How much money loss can owners/leagues absorb? If this goes into 2022 we shall see franchises closing shop.

There are signs of this monster abating… but, with the US Inauguration and the Super Bowl, will it spike and morph yet again?

Thus far, so good. Vaccines are being rolled out but, as long as eateries can only utilize 25% but airlines can use 100%, that does not bode well.. sure, you were negative boarding the plane… what happens tomorrow, next week?

As Americans, we will never abandon our sports, it a way of life…nothing better than arguing with your best friend over a play in an Iggles game.

How long will we be forced to do it via Skype, Zoom or over our phones?

Just my .02

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