Brady and Gronk: The Return

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers head to New England for their second Primetime game of the season. Sunday night’s game will mark the first time in their careers that quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski will play in Foxboro as visiting players.

Tom Brady was selected 199th overall (sixth-round) by Bill Belichick in the 2000 NFL draft and played for 20 years in New England for the Patriots. The New England Patriots have won 17 titles in those 20 years with their franchise’s all-time passing leader in every single category, as well as playing in 41 postseason games, winning 30 of them and winning six NFL championships. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s six Super Bowl titles are the most in NFL history by one single player and the most by a quarterback/ head coach combination. Their 30 playoff wins are the most in NFL history and twice as many as the next best duo.

Tom Brady’s New England Patriots Franchise records:

 (Each of these is the most by any quarterback with one team in NFL history. )
  • Quarterback Wins: 219
  • Passing Yards: 74,571
  • Passing Touchdowns: 541
  • Completions: 6,377

Tom Brady has the chance to surpass Drew Brees as the NFL’s all-time passing leader, and Brees couldn’t be more excited for his long-time pal. Brad needs just 68 yards to surpass Drew Brees’s record of 80,358.

“I’d be all for Brady just launching the first play of the game; just go ahead and get it out of the way,” Brees said, laughing. “You said he needs, what? Sixty-eight yards? Let’s have New England kick it in the end zone, start at the 25 and have him launch one to Mike Evans, and let’s just be done with it.”

“There’s no doubt I think that’s gonna get knocked down pretty quick. I can’t think of a guy who has invested more into his career and his preparation and kind of what he’s meant for the game. It’s definitely a special record because it speaks to the longevity that he’s been able to experience and the level that he’s been able to play at.”

With a victory in Foxboro, Brady would become just the 4th quarterback in NFL history to win at least one game against 32 different franchises. — Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre have also done so.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski is also on record watch as the New England Patriots’ 42nd pick overall in the 2010 NFL draft needs just 16 receiving yards to surpass Greg Olsen for the fifth-most receiving yards by a tight end in NFL history. He currently has 8,668 receiving yards.

Rob Gronkowski owns his own franchise records:

  • First in reception touchdowns: 79
  • Second in receiving yards: 7,861
  • Fifth in receptions: 521
  • First in career postseason touchdown receptions: 12
  • Second in career postseason receptions: 81
  • Second in career postseason receiving yards: 1,163

Kick-off is at 8:20 pm ET on NBC, or you can stream it live on Peacock. The 2-1 Buccaneers will face off against the 1-2 Patriots in what will go down as one of the most anticipated regular-season games in history.

 *Sourced from the National Football League