Tom Brady is like a fine wine!

Brady’s best season?

Do you judge a quarterback’s season upon total touchdowns, yardage, quarterback rating, touchdowns vs. interceptions, or another combination of facts/stats? There are many ways to come to your own decision/evaluation. We all know of the greatness that is Tom Brady. There are very few, including all sports, that can set down the kind of credentials/resume on the table; the way Brady can. Bill Russell played 13 seasons and won the NBA Championship 11 times, and he was an all-star in 12 of those 13. Gretzky can claim to own or share 61 NHL records: He is first in goals, first and second in goals per season, first in assists, etc., etc… The point: It’s a matter of opinion, somewhat, to determine Brady’s greatest season of them all — a very strong case can be made for the 2007 season. During that season, he threw his career’s best 50 touchdowns and amassed 4806 yards passing. That 2007 season saw Brady finish with a rating of 117.2 — his best to date. In 2011 he threw for a career-best 5235 yards. Sometimes it’s the circumstances within a season, coupled with the stats that can make a season not only more memorable but most impressive. During Super Bowl 51, Brady completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, leading the Patriots back from a 28-3 deficit to win 34-28 in overtime against the slight underdog (+3 pts) Atlanta Falcons.

Tampa Bay 2020.

Then, of course, Bucs’ fans; there is our favorite. The 2020 season was one that almost didn’t happen. Covid-19 was ravaging sports calendars on every level, from professional to Pop Warner ball and Little League. It was Brady’s first season without Bill Belichick and the Patriots, no preseason games or training camp, no real chance to gel as a team before that season, and Playing in empty or near-empty stadiums week to week. No one knew if Covid would shut the season down at some point or not, either. All eyes were on Brady the entire season — how would he perform with a new team at age 43? Surely, Belichick believed Brady’s best days were well behind him, or he wouldn’t have let him walk, right? Brady and his new team would have to come together on the fly — that’s just what they did. Holding the line at 5 losses, going into their late-season bye week, the Bucs came out smoking and didn’t lose another game until week 3 of the following season. Brady put up the second-highest touchdown total of his career with 40, amassing 4633 yards and overcoming all obstacles — that could lead many to believe that that was his best season. It is certainly one of the Bucs’ best seasons. They were the first team to win a Super Bowl in their own stadium.

Statistically, 2021 could be his best season yet?

Through six games this season, Brady is averaging 344 yards a game. In case you’re wondering, that pace would put him at 5,848 yards through week 18 (17games), and his touchdown rate would give him 48 on the season — that count could easily be pushed to 50 plus. Could he break Manning’s season record of 55 touchdowns as well as Manning’s passing yardage total of 5,477 (although with one more game than Manning)? Injuries have been the biggest thing plaguing our team this season. They have decimated our defensive backfield, as well as Gronkowski, who hasn’t played in the last three weeks. So far, Todd Bowles and Arians/Leftwich have guided the team through it all earlier this season. All Bucs’ fans are hoping that after the bye in week 9, we can get our defensive backfield back to normal and be deeper in depth.

It just keeps getting better.

It’s almost unfathomable that a player in any sport could be playing better at the age of 44 than were playing in their prime, but this isn’t your average superstar; this is Tom Brady — the G.O.A.T. Like a very fine wine, he just gets better with age. We are privileged to be first-hand witnesses to history being made. As he continues to play at such a high level at his age; it just furthers his legacy and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Go Bucs!!

Written by J.D. Stenger