Updates: Richard Sherman and Antoine Winfield Jr.

Antoine Winfield Jr. sustained a concussion during the Buccaneers’ trip to New England in week 4 — where Carlton Davis strained his quad muscle. Richard Sherman pulled a hamstring early in week 6’s Thursday Night game against the Eagles and did not return to the game. Winfield Jr. wasn’t able to clear concussion protocols in time to play against Miami or Philadelphia but should be ready to go against the Chicago Bears.

As for Sherman, it doesn’t sound like he will not be ready to play until at least after the bye -week. Sherman stated on his podcast that he believes that he will miss at most a couple of weeks. Carlton Davis‘s injury has a recovery time of 2 to 4 weeks from roughly around October 5th. None of that even matters.

Carlton Davis could be ready to come off of the IR following the game against the Bears and play in the game against the Saints; it all depends on what Bruce Arians and team doctors will say Holding him out until after the bye-week is not such a bad idea, but a bit long as we know the extent of his injury. However, how much faith do you have going against Jameis Winston and the receivers the Saints have, without at least your best cornerback? Still no word on Sean Murphy-Bunting‘s return time that we are aware of, other than what bruce Arian says, “A While”.

“Yeah, he hasn’t gotten in the MRI tube yet, so we don’t know anything really [about] how severe it is. Hopefully, we’ll have Antoine [Winfield, Jr.] back for sure. He was pretty close before we left. Get him out of the protocol, hopefully. At that point, I don’t know who else who might be back. It’s still going to be a crapshoot that way.” -Bruce Arians