Week 15 Texans vs Jaguars

Jaxson Deville taking a selfie. Photo: Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are playing the Houston Texans on the heels of firing their Head Coach Urban Meyer. Interim Head Coach Darrell Bevell noted that he was sticking to the old game plan for this week since they had limited time to change course. One thing to change is his presence on the field, he has been in the coach’s booth for the entire season thus far. Now he will back on the field calling plays. Will his presence on the field change this Jaguars offense?

QB Trevor Lawrence running for a 1st. Photo: Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence has had some difficulty thus far, though this week it seems like the rookie QB did not have as much pressure on his shoulders. He was given his wish to remove the drama from the equation. With today’s game against the Texans, Trevor looks poised to show the productivity that Coaches want to see in the closing weeks of a dismal season. If Trevor can show that he has the ability to learn from his mistakes, mainly forced throws leading to interceptions, he will make this open Coaching position a coveted position. If Trevor cannot overcome his mistakes will he be one those long hailed QBs that fizzle out for one reason or another? Trevor Lawrence is not Ryan Leaf, he will overcome and today is a new beginning for him.

The fact that Darrell Bevell will be on the sidelines will help Trevor. Constant communication between Offensive Coordinator and QB has long been established in the NFL. They will be able to get on the same page and make quick adjustments that they see during the game on the fly. Look for these subtle changes today and then some more obvious ones moving forward as Bevell tries to move away from the Urban experience.

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