Week 2: Buccaneers vs Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Atlanta Falcons: Sunday, September 19 at 4:05 PM at Ramond James Stadium.

All this week, “a win is a win” was the most used phrased to describe the win over the Cowboys; and it sure is. Starting the season as Super Bowl Champs and bringing back — let me count on fingers here — virtually everyone, the team started slowly. It was a tough contest against a Dallas Cowboys’ football team that got their commander-in-chief back at the helm.

The Cowboys played a tough game that was full of penalties and blunders on the Buccaneers’ side of the ball, but the Bucs got lucky and held on to win the game in the last handful of seconds of the game. An angry Tom Brady is a dangerous Tom Brady. But let’s not kid ourselves here; If Cowboys kicker Greg Zuerlein hadn’t missed 4 field goals, we wouldn’t be saying, “a win is a win”. We would be saying, “oh no, we suck again”.

Tampa faces the Atlanta Falcons this week, and Tampa’s defense is going to obliterate the Falcons offensive line, which will result in Matt Ryan laying on his back more than… never mind forget I said anything. This game should be a cakewalk for the Bucs, but nothing is ever easy. The Falcons will look to bounce back from the cruel beating handed down by the Eagles in week1, but the Tampa defense is a different animal than the Eagles’. I’d say the Falcons will get an “E” for their effort this week, but it will be all for naught.

Atlanta is still trying to get it together, which the team looked to be doing so in the first quarter. The team came out strong, looking pretty good, then just fell apart. The offense was not on the same page for the rest of the game, and the defense was exposed all game long. It won’t be any different this week.